Department of Botany

Botany is the science of plants. Plants are solar cells of earth. Plants are the gateway of energy in the living system .We cannot imagine life on earth without plants. For human beings food, clothing and shelter, the three basic necessities are fulfilled to a great extent by plants. So study of plants and improvement in our knowledge about plant sciences i.e. botany is very important. Study of Botany can help to a great extent to reduce adverse climate changes.

The Department of Botany at Chinmaya Degree College of Excellence in Haridwar was established in 1989 at B.Sc. level. The total number of seats available in CBZ Group is 80 and in microbiology Group is 60 respectively. The laboratories under the department are very well equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments like Lux meter, Anemometer, Hygrometer, Incubator, Centrifuge, Electronic Balance, Microscopes, Microtome, Spectrophotometer, Distillation unit, Ganong's poto meter and respirometer and other plant physiology instruments & Computer etc. A large number of relevant books of the botany of both Indian and Foreign authors are available in central library.

For the convenience of students Botany department also maintains a departmental library. We maintain a positive atmosphere in department to facilitate better learning among students. To develop effective communication skills and learning, students are encouraged for presentations in Seminars. From time to time counselling of students is done by the head and other faculties of the department. Special attention is given to the weaker students in the Botany subject. Besides academic education cultural and moral values are inculcated among students. Innovative teaching methods are used to impart best education among the students in the Botany department.