Knowledge is categorised into three type, based on the impact it creates on the learner.

Knowledge is considered supreme when it brings about universal vision of oneness and the understanding of right and wrong with respect to means and goals. Knowledge that brings about a divisive vision and serves only the purpose of personal aggrandizement is considered to be mediocre. Knowledge is of the worst kind when it brings about a completely mistaken and contrary vision and serves the purpose of personal and societal destruction.

As facilitators of higher education, all of us at Chinmaya Mission College have the responsibility to provide knowledge that enriches not only the intellect, but also the hearts and mind of students. The greatest teachers are those who teach the syllabus and also inspire in students, ahigher idealof living. Having technical subjects at the core of teaching, may the college embellish them with life transforming projects and experiences.

May the life, the vision and the teachings of Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayanandaji percolate into every student’s heart and express through each of them in their attitude of reverence for our haloed culture. Let their service to the community speak volumes of the positive attitude that they have imbibed. Gurudev envisioned our colleges as eminent centres of learning that can create transformation in students and through them, to the community around them.

My best wishes and Gurudev’s blessings to all staff, students and parents of Chinmaya Mission College, Haridwar.

Global Head, Chinmaya Mission