Department of Zoology

Zoology that was once considered to study wild animals, birds, fish, insects and parasites, today makes a link between traditional science and social sciences. Extrapolation from studies of animal populations and their behavior to human conditions has been rewarding. As a matter of fact it is the animals that make today a biotek century.
The department of zoology at Chinmaya Degree College was established in 1989 at B.Sc. level, Now it imparts education at M.Sc. level. The department currently has twenty five students in M.Sc., offers the degree of M.Sc. in zoology. The department´┐Żs laboratories are air conditioned and very well equipped with modern and sophisticated teaching and research instruments like LCD projector, Over head projector, Spectrophotometer, Freezing centrifuge, Incubators, Electronic balances, high quality Research Microscopes with photographic attachments, Electrophoretic equipments, etc. A large number of relevant books written by Indian & foreign authors are present in central library.
Leading scientists, professor of eminence are invited to address and interact with students and faculty from time to time M.Sc.students and 3rd year students of B.Sc. deliver seminars and are thus trained for effective communication and teaching.