(Session : 2021-2022)


Dr. Manisha                                                     -                    Convener

Dr. Madhu Sharma                                           -                    Member

Sh. Rakesh Landora                                         -                    Member

Maths Group (all semester)

Dr. P.K. Sharma                                               -                    Coordinator

Sh. B.P. Gupta                                                 -                    Member

Sh. Kamal Mishra                                            -                    Member

Biology Group (all semester)

Dr. Ajay Kumar                                                -                    Coordinator

Ms. Prerna Rajput                                            -                    Member

Sh. V.S. Negi                                                   -                    Member

Computer Science Group (all semester)

Dr. V.D. Sharma                                              -                    Coordinator

Ms. Himangi                                                    -                    Member

Sh. Rahul Kumar                                             -                    Member

Microbiology Group (all semester)

Dr. Deepika                                                     -                    Coordinator

Dr. Nidhi Chauhan                                            -                    Member

Sh. Rajesh                                                      -                    Member

Note : Admission for M.Sc. courses will be done by the respective Professor in-charge of the Department concerned.

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