Shanti Krishnamurthy Director, CCMT Education Cell

Hari Om,

I deem it a great privilege to interact with the students and Teachers of our Degree college, Haridwar through this Almanac. I thank Sri Rakesh Sachdeva ji for providing me with this opportunity. Being in the field of Education for more than four decades, I have had the  opportunity to visit good number of Educational institutions in and out of the Country. When I visited the Princeton University in the state of New Jersey last summer, I met some Indian students and they mentioned the unique feature of the university is a campus culture that is the envy of all other colleges. The college is 275 years old and carries with itself a envious culture till today. Isn’t that amazing? While the reputation of the college, the academic programs offered in the college and the wholesome education are all attributes of a good college but in my opinion, establishing a strong culture brings in an all-time uniqueness to an institution. But how do we establish that kind of a strong culture in our organisations? Every Chinmaya organisation is blessed with the vision that Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda has blessed us with.


People are the essence of an organisation and when the people in the organisation direct all their efforts and aspirations towards that vision, with an unshakable faith, there is an automatic flow of love which binds together the people in that organisation. That bonding only can lay foundation for establishing a strong culture. The values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that each unit of the organisation share will influence the decision and all communications and thus will ultimately impact the over all performance of the organization. A culture where everyone cares about each other makes the college a great place to learn and grow.