Vision & Mission:


 Chinmaya Degree College offers a value based and holistic education which paves the way for the integrated development and physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of personality, enriched by the knowledge of Indian culture, a feeling of patriotism and a universal outlook.

 The college works to achieve.


Maximum Happiness

                                    Maximum People

                                                                        Maximum Times 


The motto and mission of the college is under Chinmaya Vision Programme, it can be summarised as follows:

  • To create students and teachers with a difference
  • To inculcate Indian values in the students along with science education.
  • To appreciate and respect all faiths, foster self and community development and promote religious harmony leading to national integration.
  • To create a teaching-learning environment conducive to the pursuit of higher knowledge, relevant skills and experience.
  • To promote awareness on ecological and environmental issues.
  • To develop skilled personnel through vocational and entrepreneurial education.



 To promote awareness about the importance of high educational standards and to encourage self-respect in students.

To expose students to new technologies and trends in e-governance to prepare them for the global job market.

To implement faculty development programs to improve the overall academic quality of the institute.

To offer professional courses in computer technology to meet the increasing demands for skilled professionals in the job market.



Promoting national unity and harmony.

Encouraging a rational and scientific approach to problem-solving.

Providing high-quality education.

Raising awareness about environmental issues.

Participating in social service and community development.

Advocating for gender equality.

Showing respect for others.

Striving for excellence in all endeavors.

Encouraging participation in sports and cultural activities.


The involvement of leadership is achieved through a well-defined organizational structure consistent with the educational wing of Chinmaya Educational Society, New Delhi.


The Principal, Director, Heads of Departments and Administrative staff steer the college through appropriate planning and efficient review mechanism for achieving broad based goals. The leadership ensures the compliance of academic & administrative processes and procedures along with continual improvement through regular monitoring. The college administration relies heavily upon its Internal Quality Assurance Cell comprising senior faculty members, members of the management. Some of the major areas which the cell deals with are:

  • ·The IQAC collects feedback from students and other stakeholders and this feedback is considered for future action of the institution.
  • At the commencement of each academic session the Internal Quality Assurance Cell comesoutwithdifferentproposalsfortheeffectivedeliveryofcurriculumaswellasforthegeneralimprovement in efforts to impart social skills and awareness regarding environmental issues.
  • Our institute encourages a culture of active involvement and participation in management.

The Chinmaya Degree College Managing Committee is quite sensitive to latest management concepts like decentralization, teamwork, decision making, participative management. That is why it has adopted the policy of decentralization and the same is ensured through participatory management of the institution. The Principal with the support of Director, Heads of Departments, Conveners/Coordinators of various committees initiates the decision making process which creates an organizational climate of participatory democracy. The faculty plays a significant role in the planning and effective implementation of the college administrative process.